LinkedIn Profile Widget

October 1, 2009

How to put a LinkedIn badge in your blog? doesn’t support scripts, so you can’t put the LinkedIn Profile Widget in your blog in a straight forward manner.

The solution:
Although this is not optimal, you can generate an image of your desired widget, and post it in your side bar – linked to your LinkedIn profile. If someone clicks on this picture he or she will be redirected to your professional profile at LinkedIn.

Example (Look at the sidebar on the right)

If you want it to look good you’ll need to generate your widget, crop it, remove irelevant information (like ‘Get this widget’), fix the background color to match your blog, scale it to the right size for your sidebar, sharpen it, and compress the resulting image with a lossless algorithm.

There is the easy alternative of just linking your profile to an image of the LinkedIn logo, but it gives on information about you and people are probably less likely to click it!

How to get the image based LI widget?
🙂 We will create a professional looking image based LinkedIn Widget customized for your blog, and it will only cost you 25.00 US dollars!

What will you get for your money?
You will receive (via email): a WP.COM compatible HTML code, a Widget Image tailored for your blog, Installation Instructions and email support.

Payment details:
Upfront payment by credit card via PayPal is required.

Order Now!
Send us your email address and a link to your LinkedIn profile (we’ll never spam):